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Cool Community doing workshops to learn Design & Prototyping as well as development stuff. We love the One-on-one in person events. Filling the gap between designers and devs. Let's meet together.

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Upcoming Events

Figma for Beginners

Do you still work in Illustrator or Photoshop to create your UI’s? Or you struggle with Sketches File-management, Symbols in a Symbol in a Symbol 🙈 and Collaboration?

We have something special for you!

Date: 27th June 2019
Price: €15.00 /per person


Designers & Developers Portfolio Reviews Part 2

Here you can get encouraged and personal portfolio Feedback in English, German, Russian or Italian.

And a surprise.

Date: 22nd August, 2019
Price: €10.00 /per person

Land your DREAMJOB

How to deal with difficult clients for Designers and Developers

Coming Soon

Build confidence. How to be self aware. (Process)

Coming Soon

Past Events

Portfolio Review

You will get feedback One on One from Professionals,  Food and talk to cool people for free.

Date: 23rd April 2019

See past event
Use the Design


Learn and define your Design Process and contribute in your company. Do more than Design.

Design in


Create fast and precise Designs or Wireframes, and collaborate with your developers without the Handoff hassle.



Level Up your tactical and practical Skills and Learn working with designers, Coding: Webdesign, Javascript, Angular and React Basics here.

Let's Design & Develop

Workshops given in Germany mostly by Sofia Jacobs.

Want to become a sponsor or just want to chat about design? Shoot me an email